Life Update 2015

I thought I would never blog again, but then again this is my virtual diary. (insert happy face)

The year 2015 is ending in a few days.

I am reminiscing of the things I have done this 2015.

Is it good or bad, any dream achievements?

Every year though is a life learning experience, I think I gained more wisdom.
I also know what is important and what is not.

If given a chance to talk to my younger self.

 I would tell her not to mind what others think of her and just mind your own business because what they think of you, does not define you. Do not stress, If anything use what is stressing you as motivation, so you could live your life without anything or anyone dragging you down. Learn to cope with hardships and think of all the rewards you will get later on, the happiness and freedom that comes with it. Do your thing and if given a time where you need to make decisions. Choose something you would regret less. Do not live by the word Y.O.L.O.

Honestly. is so not cool. I use to think that I would never know when i would die so might as well do this or that. And those things are the things that dragged me down. Y.O.L.O is just a short lived happiness and it is selfish. Instead replace Y.O.L.O with O.K.O.O


Now Thats something positive and uplifting. It will give you positive outcomes and will make you regret less.

Okay, So Now.

On to life updates this 2015.

A wart grew in my thumb, around my nails. At first I thought it was just a callous so i just keep on cutting it with a nipper until it grew and grew. Boy, I regretted cutting it so much. Last Month (November) I have gotten electrocautery for warts. And it is still in healing process I might Blog it separately with Pictures (Warning: Pictures extremely disgusting).

I actually sold my 4 year old MacBook Pro 13" for 6000 Pesos, Because it was Broken but Someone was still willing to buy it, knowing that IT IS broken. He's Job is fixing Gadgets, So I think he wanted to experiment on it.

This Month, I also got myself Macbook Air 11". I worked for it (wink). I read tons of articles and watch videos on the difference between the MBA 11" and the MBA 13". I am so glad, I chose the 11". It is so portable. The screen is not cramp at all, and I love it so much. (Happy Dance)

I also Bought Bag for my MBA 11". I'm so Glad I bought the bag from HALO instead of the Apple Store. Apple store bags price is very expensive. It cost 2000 pesos, and I got mine for only 600 Pesos. The quality is so good, while the price is just right. 

I also have a new fur baby boy. I named him Skye.

I travel with him too. (wink)

I got my car, a pink stirring wheel cover. 

I also have a nephew. Finally an aunt. (Shock face)

  Handsome. (heart)

Thats all for now.

Baby Face and Favorite Apps

It's been a while, Its Almost December now. Oh my gosh time flies so fast. I am getting older. Did my face catch up? Or Do I still look young for a 23 year old? I don't know If I should be Thankful for looking young or not. I don't really hate it and I don't like it either. Probably Because there are more cons than pros on looking young. I don't know if it's a blessing or a curse,  Probably Both.

There are a lot of articles on how to look young but No articles on how to look your normal age when you look like 10 years younger. It was really easy for me to write the cons than the pros. It's not that Im too negative. Its just I experience Cons about looking young almost everyday, That I am getting better at dealing with people who make such a fuss about it. Still sometimes when I feel like I am starting to get immune, it still hurt me a bit inside. I know people say it's something you should appreciate. But at 23 in my case being told you look like a teenager feels offensive. I'm sure when I'm 30 and told I look 20 then it will be different. I used to hate it when people would tell me I'll love it at 40. Great...when I'm twice as old and half way through my career I can be taken seriously. That's a lot of life to waste to get there, huh? People like me who looks young need to double or triple the effort in order to succeed or get respect.

  • People stare at you all the time
  • I cant go out without my ID
  • I get carded for almost everything
  • It could hurt your career
  • People think you are too young to be putting on make up and dressing up.
  • If you have a date everyone stare at your date 
  • People will ask you too many questions
  • People will be too interested in your life
  • When you eat with someone in the restaurant you will be humiliated because the waitress will be giving you kids menu (I know sucks to be me) 

  • You can pretend to be younger in some cases.
  • when you're 40 you'll look like 20 

Thats all I know in the Pros. I've tried makeup techniques, styling my hair differently, and I don't dress
young for my age so I'm at a loss. Has anyone found some tips or techniques for making yourself look a bit older without it looking like you are playing dress up in mom's closet?

My favorite apps of the month 

  1. Wattpad - I love how I can read books in my Ipad for free w/o the need to sign up/log in.
  2. MD (Moment Diary) - I love this app soo much! The name says it all moment diary, it comes with lock too, Sweet!
  3. Moment - This app will capture a video of your friends and families face while watching a video. Like a reaction video.
  4. Face Fighter - My brother introduced me to these game. He put my face in the game just to beat me up. Its pretty funny actually, stress reliever.
  5. Workouts 
  6. isavings - These is where you can keep track on your budget and savings :)
  7. PicPlayPost - Picture and Video together in collage best for Instagram users.
  8. Oovoo - Video Chat with your friends and families.